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General Staffing Agreement This basic four-page contract form is a general agreement for staffing services. EMPLOYEE WITNESS Sample Confidentiality Agreement for Assigned Employees This sample has been prepared to accompany the General Staffing Agreement and if used would apply to the specific staffing client that is party to the agreement. CLIENT Signature Printed Name Title Date Sample Rate Schedule Job Title or Description Shift Location Hourly Bill Rate Sample Benefits Waiver for Assigned...
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Hi my name is Dee Williams, and I'm here today to talk to you about recruiting and staffing which is one of my favorite topics in the world everybody knows that right, so today I'm humbled first of all that you're here thank you so much for taking the time out of your schedule today to watch this amazing video staffing premieres Academy my staffing prefer idea I unleashed an idea, and it's just been absolutely amazing has just been an amazing experience for me over the last couple of years and so now I just I'm starting to get in front of the camera, and I'm sharing a lot of the successes and a lot of the products that were selling online because people are saying you have been in the camera forever and that's true because I'm training I'm training I'm training I'm training, so I'm here today I want to talk to you a little about the staffing prefer contracts fee agreements and forms this is one of our largest sellers on a recruitment and staffing printers Academy comm, and I wanted to kind of give you an idea we have upgraded this package we have over 49 documents and this package at this point and so it's really comprehensive so that you'll be able to get an idea of what you need and how to use how to use the documents for your new business, so first I just want to let you know that there are a complete set of instructions and the forms and the fee agreements, so it's in a PDF form you want to click on that first so that you'll know what you're using there are over 49 documents or 49 documents in your videos including some HR documents which is not my specialty, but I do want you to have an idea of how you want your desk set up we do have a sample copy of a manual for you an employee manual for you to use fee agreements for split agency splits fee agreements from direct deposit contingency fee agreements the master service agreement is the man the main agreement that you want to use because hopefully you're recruiting and staffing and growing your business that way, so I'm going to just to give you a quick preview I'm not supposed to do this I'm sure that my finest work just want to kick my butt for this, but I want to give you a free preview of what you could potentially see what you will see so first, and I'm going to give you a preview on my computer we have the right to represent which I hope that you are using the right to represent every time that you're dealing with the candidates especially on the contract side, so we do have the right to represent here as you can see here we have a copy of an employee handbook for you to use you definitely still want to consult with an HR consultant to make sure that it's everything that you want to need, but we do have a copy of an employee handbook for you to use here I also wanted to let's say you have a split fee agreement for you to use when you're working with another recruitment agency and you wanna you want to they're providing the job orders, and you're providing the candidates or...
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